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ESL Camps in
the Kawarthas

Welcome to One World, where English is what we have in common!

One World is located in the city of Peterborough, which is in the province of Ontario in south-central Canada. Peterborough is a small friendly city located approximately 100 km north-east of Toronto in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes Region of Ontario.

The Kawarthas is a favorite tourist destination for both Canadians, as well as visitors to Canada because of its year-round safe, clean, gentle, natural beauty.

At One World, you will study English and visit a variety of tourist destinations. You will also have the opportunity to meet special guest speakers who come to our school to lead special workshops, as well as attend workshops at other locations in and around Peterborough. Our activities coordinator will take you out on weekends.

The Curriculum:

12 Week Blocks:
Our program is designed to allow students to study in 12 week blocks, which is the average length of time for a travel-study visa. Students are able to study for longer periods if they choose and if they have obtained a student travel visa, which allows students to stay in Canada for longer periods of time to study. We follow a Grammatical, Spiral Syllabus. Themes of study are set in accordance with student needs and interests and are constantly changing and evolving. We do a Needs Assessment at the beginning of every 12 week block.

All of our faculty members are native speakers of English with TESL Canada certified English as a Second / Foreign Language Teaching credentials.

The School Day at One World:

9:00 A.M. - 12 Noon - General English: Everyone studies in this program in the mornings. We use the Canadian Language Benchmarks as our diagnostic tool for evaluating and placing students in an appropriate level upon entry. Students are then moved up to the higher levels as their English language skills develop.

1:00 - 4:00 P.M. Options for the Afternoon Classes:
English for Special Purposes, i.e., Arts / Sciences / Technology / Trades Business English
TOEFL Preparation
Academic Preparation (We use Ontario Curriculum Guidelines)


Home-Stay Placement: Students are placed in the private homes of various families in Peterborough who offer accommodations to international students on a regular basis. This service includes a Letter of Invitation, which is used to assist students with obtaining a student travel visa.